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The Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

Here at Messito, we want SMS marketing to reign supreme as a cost-effective marketing tool for organisations of any size.

We recommend incorporating these 5 best practices which will enhance the success of your SMS marketing initiatives and contribute to SMS marketing’s longevity as an efficient marketing tool.

1)      Respect consumer privacy: give customers the opportunity to opt in and opt out at any time

2)      Target your SMSs: segment your SMS campaigns according to consumer preferences, location and interests. Relevancy here is key.

3)      Time your SMSs: No-one likes to be bombarded with marketing material. Set the frequency of your SMSs to acceptable levels by using your own tolerance levels as a gauge.

4)      Make yourself known: Identify yourself or your brand in the SMS. This instils a sense of trust and increases brand awareness.

5)      Offer tangible benefits: Include discounts, loyalty benefits and the possibility to collect points and gifts. Give consumers a reason to keep your SMS in their inbox.

Try Messito for free today and incorporate these 5 best practices for the best possible results!