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Mobile Shoppers Prefer Sundays

A study by Opera has revealed that mobile shopping traffic peaks on Sundays. This is in contrast to desktop traffic to e-commerce sites, which reaches a high on Mondays and remains stronger during weekdays as opposed to weekends, when the sites experience a drop in traffic.

A possible explanation for this behaviour is that consumers make purchases from their mobile phones during weekends and follow-up their purchases throughout the week from their desk computers.

Interestingly, Friday has the lowest mobile shopping traffic and June is the month with the highest global volume of traffic to mobile shopping sites. Understandably, the Christmas season brings a surge of visits to mobile shopping sites, particularly from the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Globally, Amazon dominates the mobile shopping traffic championships with eBay following closely behind. Newcomers such as Alibaba in China, MercadoLibre in Latin America and FlipKart in India are making an impact on shopping habits in their respective regions.

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