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8 Surprising Tips to Boost Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Assuming you’ve read our previous article entitled “The Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing”, then you’re already up to speed with some practices that maximise your SMS marketing efforts.  In addition to these, Messito brings you 8 unusual tips that you may not have considered before.

Mix and match these practices to skyrocket your SMS marketing campaigns and ensure a satisfying return on investment.

1)      Use standard spelling and grammar

Keep shorthand SMS lingo for personal SMSs to family and friends.  As a savvy marketer, you’ve got the skills to sculpt 160 characters of text into a high performance message that’s grammatically correct and free from typos and abbreviations.

2)      Stay focussed

Choose your campaign and focus on promoting it (and only it) in the SMS. By doing this, you are decreasing the odds of confusing your audience and giving full attention to the product / service / campaign you want to promote.

3)      It’s all about timing

Time your SMSs according to the nature of your business and your audience profile. If you own a nightclub, it’s worthwhile to send an SMS on a Saturday evening but if you own a retail outlet you might want to consider a more appropriate time to send your SMS.

4)      Keep it simple

Don’t make your audience jump through hoops to redeem an offer you’ve sent via SMS. Your audience is more likely to respond to a promotion that is easy to follow.

5)      Make use of links

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. If space allows, make use of links in your SMS. Those customers with smartphones will be able to access your website directly from the SMS, where they can find more information about the product or service that you’re promoting.

6)      Use verbs

Verbs inspire action and this is exactly what you want your audience to do – to act upon your message. Open your message with the action you want your audience to take. “Buy”, “purchase”, “spend” and “save” are good options to consider.

7)      Write short sentences

Concise writing skills will be put to the test when it comes to writing pitch perfect SMSs. With only 160 characters of text at your disposal, the pressure is on to get straight to the point.  Additionally, short sentences are easier for your audience to remember.

8)      Use sentence case

Avoid CAPITALISATION unless there is a word you’d like to emphasise, such as SALE.

Consider using these tips the next time you use Messito for your SMS marketing campaigns. If you don’t have an account with us yet, open one here and start using your 5 free credits today.