Whatever you’re selling, rest assured that there’s someone out there who wants what you’ve got! The tricky part is connecting with your audience effectively and this is exactly where Messito can help. Supermarkets have also created customer loyalty schemes where points can be exchanged for gifts and you can employ Messito in order to help customers keep track of their loyalty points. With Messito, you can talk to your audience directly through their mobile phones!

Key Facts

  • Technology is transforming the way people shop and pay for their goods
  • Trends suggest that consumers research products before going shopping
  • Major retailers are aligning their physical and mobile selling channels
  • 94% of loyalty programme members want to receive updates from the loyalty programme
  • 29% of mobile users are happy to redeem coupons or vouchers sent via SMS

Key Benefits

Inform customers of:

  • Seasonal offers
  • Vouchers
  • Discounts
  • Opening hours
  • New stock
  • Sales
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Customer Loyalty Scheme Updates

Drive more customers through your doors using Messito SMS marketing platform.