As an alternative to mailing renewal notices and policy updates, insurance agencies may consider using Messito to send renewal notices and policy updates directly to their customers’ mobile phones. This has several advantages.

Key Facts

  • Customer experience continues to be a significant differentiator in the insurance industry
  • Accessibility through mobile devices is growing in importance
  • 89% of insurers believe that the ability to tailor customer experiences is important
  • Integrating multiple customer touch points optimises user experience

Key Benefits

  • Change of postal address issues become a thing of the past
  • Messito’s tracking facility gives you certainty about which messages have been successfully delivered, are still pending delivery or which remain undelivered
  • Inform customers of new insurance products directly through their mobile phones
  • Encourage your customers to give feedback via SMS

Change the way you interact with your customers by using Messito’s mobile marketing technology.