When guests experience friendly and efficient service at a hotel they are more likely to recommend the hotel to their friends, family or to the general public through social media platforms. That being said, they are also more likely to voice their negative comments publicly too! Why not keep your hotel’s guests satisfied by maintaining contact with them upon booking, during their stay and even after they leave? Messito lets you do this directly via their mobile phones.

Key Facts

  • With the number of active cell phones reaching over 7 billion worldwide, it’s highly probable that all your hotel guests own a mobile phone or smart phone.
  • 57% of all hotel reservations are made on the internet
  • 65% of all same day hotel reservations are made from a smart phone
  • 81% of travellers find user reviews important when booking a hotel

Key Benefits

Inform guests of:

  • Their booking confirmation
  • Hotel amenities
  • Promotional offers such as upselling the hotel’s spa or taxi services
  • Check-in / check-out times
  • Ask them for feedback after their stay

Leave a memorable impact on your guests and improve their experience of your hotel by using Messito.