Health and Beauty

Health & Beauty

The health and beauty industries continue to expand globally with some projections claiming 8.5% growth in 2014. Several trends support this expansion and promise continued profitability into the future.

Key Facts

  • Just like other service industries, customer experience is a strong differentiating factor in the health and beauty industries
  • Health-conscious consumers like to be reminded of health related services
  • Both the health and beauty industries need to adapt to address the changing habits in consumer behaviour

Key Benefits

  • People often forget their appointments. Send them a reminder SMS to make sure they show up on time
  • Save on payroll costs by staffing according to confirmed appointments
  • Upsell your products or services through your customers’ mobile phones
  • Inform customers of any promotional deals or seasonal offers
  • Ask for customer feedback

Mobile messaging can help differentiate your health or beauty establishment by nurturing long term relationships with your customers.