The benefits of using text messaging in the education industry are numerous. By using Messito’s SMS platform in your institution you can significantly improve its communication with teachers, administrators, and students.

Key Facts

  • Technology in the classroom is changing traditional educational models
  • The intelligent use of technology can improve synergy between students and their teachers
  • SMS can also be used as a learning tool that bridges the gap between students and their teachers

Key Benefits

  • Student reports and exam results can be sent via SMS
  • Parent / teacher meeting reminders and other communications
  • Student absenteeism alerts
  • Extracurricular activity alerts
  • Timetable information
  • Tuition billing alerts
  • Communication related to changes or delays
  • Faculty / staff communication
  • Upsell school’s services such as transport or canteen facilities

Using Messito to keep your school’s students, their parents and your staff informed and updated ensures more open and direct communication channels.