Technology has completely changed the structure, form and future of the aviation industry and has had an impact on what consumers expect from airlines. Today tickets are bought online and even check-in happens virtually. Who would have imagined that a decade ago? Due to these changes, Messito can step in to ensure a smooth booking, check-in and overall flight experience for your customers.

Key Facts

  • 70% of travellers buy their flight tickets online
  • 61% of travellers check-in online
  • Most major airlines offer online check-in facilities
  • It’s customary for travellers to compare airfare prices by browsing competitors’ websites before making their purchase
  • In-flight sales have increased by 20%

Key Benefits

Inform clients of:

  • Booking confirmations
  • Flight details
  • Customer care updates
  • Cancellations and/or delays
  • Airline promotions or offers
  • Information regarding new destinations
  • In-flight purchase promotions

Whatever your message, Messito offers a fast and direct channel of communication with your customers, delivering an optimum experience every time they choose to fly with you.