• Aviation


    Technology has completely changed the structure, form and future of the aviation industry and has had an impact on what consumers expect from airlines.  Read More
  • e-Commerce


    Messito’s cost-effective SMS marketing solution can keep your clients informed of every step of the purchasing or shipping cycle.  Read More
  • Education


    By using Messito’s SMS platform in your institution you can significantly improve its communication with teachers, administrators, and students.  Read More
  • Health and Beauty

    Health & Beauty

    Mobile messaging can help differentiate your health or beauty establishment by nurturing long term relationships with your clientele.  Read More
  • Hospitality


    Leave a memorable impact on your guests and improve their experience of your hotel by using Messito.  Read More
  • Insurance


    Insurance agencies may consider using Messito to send renewal notices and policy updates directly to their customer’s mobile phones  Read More
  • Marketing


    As a marketing agency you can repackage Messito, keeping the intuitive, user-friendly technology but making it your own in terms of branding.  Read More
  • Recruitment


    By applying Messito’s mobile messaging solution, you can keep your job candidates informed of all the latest vacancies via SMS to their mobile phone.  Read More
  • Retail


    Drive more customers through your doors using Messito SMS marketing platform.  Read More
  • Travel


    Travels’ experienced a boom in recent years and with Messito’s intuitive mobile marketing platform travel agencies can continue to reap the rewards of this increase.  Read More